On The Grid Technologies

Web Design, Website Hosting, SEO, Social Media and more!

Website Solutions

We design, host, and maintain your website for a competitive upfront rate. No surcharges, fees, or extras - just clean, reliable service.

Brand Image Solutions

We manage Google Business listings, maintain SEO, and leverage Google Analytics to ensure you reach your customer base.

Locally Owned and Operated

No Customer Support Hotline required.
When you need help, you have a direct line to your webmaster, a Johnson City native.

Security is Standard

All sites hosted by On The Grid include SSL certificates at no additional charge.

SSL gives your customers peace of mind and gives your brand a professional look.

Fast and Reliable

Traditional DIY sites or cheap hosting solutions are almost always 'shared hosting'. On shared hosting plans, your website shares an IP address and server spaces with hundreds (or thousands!) of other websites.

On The Grid hosts its sites on a VPS. Your website shares space with only a handful of other websites - our other local clients.

With more power under the hood, your customers get blazing fast load times. A fast-loading website is crucial to brand image.

What comes in your Monthly Plan?

Below you will find all the highlights of our Monthly Hosting Plan!


Customer Insights

We utilize Google Analytics to see how users interact with your website. Are users looking at your lunch menu? By leveraging data, we can help you respond to customer trends in real time.

Business Listings

Do you control your Google Business Listing?
Did you know it's the most visible of your brand?
Those questions are important, which is why we provide basic Business Listing management to all customers.



All sites we host have SSL encryption by default.
An SSL Certificate improves your website load time, improves your Google ranking, and improves your Brand Image with your customers.

SSL lets your customers know they're dealing with a professional company.


Trusted IP Address

Cheap shared hosting plans will put you on a server with thousands of other websites. When somebody else acts up, all sites sharing that IP can be punished in Google rankings.

We possess Static IP Addresses dedicated solely to our customers, meaning your digital neighbors are your neighbors in real life.


Local Support

When things go wrong, nobody wants to sit on the phone with Tech Support.

You have a direct line to your webmaster. Always. Period.

Unrivaled Speed

By placing your website on our VPS, you can expect load times of under 950ms - less than a second!

Good luck beating that with a shared host.